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We’re “yes” people

The Lovely Giant team is composed of experienced producers, creative directors and production crew with a passion for tackling challenges. We’re creative, dialed in, determined. Our goal is to streamline the production process by leveraging our experience and industry resources and by working collaboratively.

If you can imagine it happening, we’ll make sure it does.

Mind-Blowing Casting

Because talent is everything, our casting directors identify the perfect person for the shot. From fashion models to real people on the streets of Williamsburg.

The Loveliest Crews

Killer makeup and hair. Rad wardrobes. Crews that run a tighter production than most marine drill sergeants. Always with a smile.

Delicious Catering

We learned a long time ago to never underestimate the importance of a perfect meal. When your stomach’s happy, you’re happy.

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Permits Pulled


Talent Cast


Miles Flown


Smiles Produced

Meet the gang

Inna Khavinson, Exec Producer

With over 20 years experience, Inna brings editorial tastes with advertising know-how to your project. She’s shot with 100s of (insert big name here) photographers and directors for 100s of (insert big name here) clients, brands and agencies.

Jessica Beaudry, Producer

Jess has been a staff producer with Lovely Giant since 2015. Prior, she gained invaluable (and nitty gritty) experience as Studio Manager & producer for Paul Aresu, Field Coordinator for Kate + 8 on TLC,  & Associate Producer for HGTV’s Salvage Dawgs.

Executive Producer

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